HW1 posted

Homework assignment #1 has been posted.  You’ll find it over on the “Course Content” page.  I’ve also posted the LaTeX source, HW1.tex, on a page hanging under “LaTeX Source”.  You’ll find macros.tex there, too, which you’ll need if you use HW1.tex as the starting point for typesetting your solutions.



Hi everyone, and welcome to CIS 5371, which I’ll just refer to as “crypto”.  If a decade of teaching this class is any guide, you will find this class to be very challenging, but also very cool and enlightening.  I hope so!  Anyway, I’m looking forward to it  🙂

Please read the syllabus.  It’s important, and will answer a lot of your questions.  (Please don’t come to me later in the term with a complaint that is addressed in the syllabus…)

There will not be any in-class lectures during the first week of class. I have to be in Zurich for a conference (RWC’18), which I help to organize, Weds-Fri of that week.  In lieu of in-class lectures, please check out the introductory videos that are posted, above, under the “Course Content” menu.  Ignore comments about this being a “10-week class”; this lecture was originally made for a course that was 10 weeks long, but ours is not.